Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Tale of Two Baby Sweaters

My Mother-in-Law knit newborn baby sweaters for all her grandchildren as well as her children and friends and children of friends, etc. It's a tradition that if you get married you get a cross-stitch sampler and if you have a baby you get a Joyce sweater. I have 3 baby blue sweaters with matching hats that she made for each of my boys. They all wore them home from the hospital. I lived in NY when all 3 boys were born. With the first son, the in-laws were at the hospital as soon as they could be after his birth which was probably within the hour. Since I didn't know if the baby would be a boy or girl before birth she made a pink sweater and hat and a blue sweater and hat. She brought the blue sweater. When I had my second son, again I didn't know if the baby would be a boy or girl. He was due early September and my in-laws always travel the last 2 weeks of August. Before they left for vacation, she left me with a blue sweater set and a pink sweater set just in case the baby came early as my first child was 3 weeks early. Well, Michael showed his little self on August 21st, while the inlaws were gone. When they returned from vacation, I tried to give the pink sweater set back to my MIL for a future girl child. She told me to keep it in case I eventually had a girl. With my third son, I knew early on he was going to be a boy. MIL still wanted me to keep the sweater because I could still have a girl someday. I always wanted a girl but it was not meant to be. So, MIL told me to keep the sweater and hat for my future granddaughter (I was 32 at the birth of my last child). Flash forward 12 years from the original date the pink sweater set was given to me. My brother and his wife that have been trying for 13 years to have a baby find out they are pregnant and the pregnancy goes full term. However, my sis in law and brother want to be surprised so my MIL pulls out her blue baby yarn and knits a blue sweater and hat because I am so darn excited about the baby that I want to give them the pink sweater set I've had for 12 years if the baby is a girl. So Melissa is born on 9/1/06. My in-laws are on their way home from the Carolina shore - the yearly trip - and I track her down by cell phone to tell her I am on my way to Houston with a pink sweater set in the back of my suburban. We both cried. She gets to at least see a picture of the baby girl to wear her creation. It is really awesome because my MIL is very ill, in fact, she has been in ICU for a week. She has been in the hospital so much this year. My husband is flying up to NY this weekend to visit her. I will see her in October. So guess what? I have another blue sweater set. She told me to save it for my future grandson. Sheesh! I told my brother and sis in law they need to have a baby boy now! So here is the 12 year old pink sweater set. The blue sweater set was made this summer. I have saved everything my MIL has knit, sewn, quilted or cross-stitched for us and I appreciate it so much. I took these photos because with the tons and tons of gifts she has made for so many people for so many years, she has never photographed any of it. She asked for these photos since I photograph everything I make and scrapbook it. I have a knitting scrapbook. Anyway, I can't wait to get a picture of Melissa in the pink sweater set. My sister in law absolutely loves the sweater and hat. Who wouldn't? It's hand knitted!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


These are my current socks from Schaefer Yarn "Lola". I am now working on the foot. These are knitting up quickly (after I figured out how to read the pattern correctly).
I took a class to learn how to read a chart and this is the scarf we did in the class. I'm about 3/4 of the way through this.
Self-striping socks. These took me a long time. I'm not sure why it's not like I had to do any work to get the stripes to stripe.
Socks from Cherry Tree Hill Superwash sock yarn.
These socks are made from my friend off ebay that hand-dyes her yarn. I have purchased several skeins of yarn from her and I always love her creations. I might get brave and say who it is some day but that would add to the competition.
Finally, my 3 one-skein wonders. The skein of yarn on the mantle will be next one-skein wonder. With that said, it is yarn that doesn't have enough yardage on one skein so it is really a three skein wonder. I love it anyway!

Well, that gets me up to date on finished and current projects. I was at Border's this morning and I purchased "Knit Fix" and "Toys to Knit". Now that I'm an aunt (nothing to do with being a mother)I should probably knit some toys for my niece. This book has a super cute doll pattern and doll clothes patterns as well. I might even knit the monkey for youngest son, and snake for middle son. Oldest son might just be out of luck! However, he might like the bumble bee, fish, penguin, or the kangaroo. Ha!

Yesterday I went to my LYS to get help on reading a pattern (duh)and I just happened to bump into April from She was supermom shopping with her almost 3 year old son in her arms. He's a tall boy! It was interesting because when I walked into the store April was talking to the owner, Annameike (hoped I spelled that right)and she said something that just made me think I would know her. Sure enough when I asked her name I knew right away it was here. It was our first time to meet! Who would of thunk it! Meeting a fellow knitting blogger in my LYS!

Monday, September 11, 2006

I'm an Aunt

I have a new neice. Her name is Melissa and she was born on 9/1/06. I got to see and hold her the next day and the next day and the next day but then I had to come home and its been a week since I've seen her but I love her immensely. She is my brother's (my only sibling) first child. We have been waiting for about 13 years for her so it's a blessing beyond words to this family. And, I get to buy and make girly stuff now! I have several pictures to show you but for the past hour I have been trying to upload these photos to my post here and nothing is coming up! This is why I get so frustrated with the photo aspect. I have a picture with 3 one-skein wonders. I have several pictures of finished socks and I have 2 current projects that I am working on. Maybe I can get them on later. My blog birthday was Aug. 25th I think, and the day came and went with no blog update here. But, I'm here now. The past several weeks have been a blur in a way. I have had some minor health issues that kind of kept me from doing stuff. Well, I did keep knitting so it couldn't be that bad! Anyway, I'm on the mend and hopefully all will be completely well soon. I find myself in a dazed state today knowing it has been 5 years since 9/11. My husband had just joined me full time here in Texas and he is from New York. He was taking the boys to school and I had the news on and called him on his cell to get home without turning on the radio (he was listening to a CD). Even tucked away in a small Texas town, we were devestated. I literally lay on the couch for a week watching the news just hoping a pocket of survivors would be found and I wanted to be awake and not miss that happy event - which never came. My husband had to drag me out of the house while he is the one that lost friends and former coworkers. That Thanksgiving we went to NY to be with his family. Kevin went to Ground Zero with our oldest son and took photos which I scrapbooked. I went there in April 2002 and took pictures - several being of memorials left around the cathedral. Interestingly enough as I scrapbooked the photos that I took in April I noticed some familiarity in some photographs. I looked back at the photos I scrapbooked from Kevin's trip and I had a photograph of a white sheet that anybody could sign (Kevin and Brian had done so). Next to the sheet was a large poster of red and blue hand prints from an elementary school (which is what I recognized). I had taken a picture of it in April as well and there was that white sheet and I could see Kevin and Brian's signature 5 months later. If anyone saw these memorials, there were thousands. How is it that I just happened to get the same photo that my husband had taken? I didn't notice it until I was back at home, probably 2 months later or so and actually getting them in a scrapbook. I think it's a cool coincidence. I have pictures of some beautiful drawings and lovely poems. I wonder where all that stuff has gone now. I'm glad I have them preserved in my albums.