Friday, August 18, 2006

2nd Day of School

. . . happened without any problems on my part! Woo Hoo -- supermom is back! That's funny y'all and I'm laughing at myself. I went to the sit and knit at my LYS last night and apparently I got out of my chair at some point because I came home with some new purchases. I bought 3 different yarns. First of all I bought (drum roll please) sock yarn! It is from Schaefer Yarn and it is handpainted. It is called "Lola" and believe me it's bright! Hot pink, purple and orange. Then I bought some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK (dark blue but it's really teal) for a scarf I will make in a class I am taking next week. Then I bought, in black, Debbie Bliss Pure Silk for a shrug I am going to make in one of the new books I recently purchased. So, I still have more knitting to do (the stash grows). I finished my latest one-skein wonder in a brown color out of Rowan's summer tweed. I now have 3 completed one-skein wonders and I love them! I am working on yet another pair of socks in some self striping yarn I purchased at a going out of business sale at my old LYS. I promise to not give y'all an accounting of every school day from here until May because trust me . . . you'd get really bored!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

First Day of School

So, I drop the boys off at all 3 separate campuses for their first day of school. We are on time. I'm showered and dressed. I see the breakfast for parents dropping off children for the first time that are emotional. I ask where is the breakfast for the parents that have been doing this for awhile and want to celebrate they got through the morning! Then "IT" happens. I have a call from the middle school son. He forgot his PE uniform and he needs it. I come home, get it and take it to him. I'm still looking for a little celebration even though I don't have it as together as I thought. Then "IT" happens again! Youngest son calls. I didn't pack his lunch. Okay, I didn't pack his lunch but he and oldest son go to the same school. Oldest son has a 1/2 day (first day) and I just thought it was the whole school. No, just high school. So, I came home, made his lunch, took it back to his school. I was finished with all that by 10:20 a.m. We left the house orginally at 7:35. Now, I'm not looking for the celebratory breakfast. I'm looking for the glass of wine or a margarita. Is 10:20 a.m. too early? This is what happens when you have children. I had my socks packed in my bag so that if I was sitting in carpool line I could knit. That didn't happen either. I am going to a "Sit and Knit" at my new LYS tonight so it's got to get better right? Tomorrow is Friday - thank goodness! I'm ready for the weekend. I'm scrapbooking on Saturday!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Organizing and such

I am still here. I still have no photos to share but I've been knitting a lot! Since my last post I have completed one more pair of socks and one more one-skein wonder. I have started a third one-skein wonder. I can whip that up pretty quickly. I finished "Sense and Sensibility" and have started "Pride and Prejudice". I love Jane Austen! I have been organizing closets and cabinets here at home. You think that sounds good, but I wonder how they get unorganized. I understand the boys growing out of clothes and such and that stuff needing to be sent off to someone who can use it, but it's all the other stuff that gets messed up. I like things organized! School begins this week and I have come to terms with it. Now that all is organized I feel better prepared! Maybe I'll get some photos posted soon.