Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mission Accomplished!

See what happens when your child has the flu? You can get some knitting done because you are confined to the house. You can also get lots of laundry done, but who in their right mind would want to do that? So the first sock is finished and I have 4 inches on the cuff of the second sock. I am doing 6 inches of ribbing. I took these socks to my oldest sons dr. appt. this morning. Whenever I go into their office they all like to see my latest project. The last couple of months it has been socks. I do think they think it odd that someone would actually knit socks but they are always interested to see what I'm doing. These socks are loud and bright and I'm loving them alot!

This is the shawl I knitted for one of our school's auctions. We have one auction this week and another auction next week. I made an identical shawl for next week's auction (different school). So, I will be curious to see how they bid up. The auction that is this week is serious stuff. The class projects that are on display are already bidding in the $200-$500 range and the auction isn't until Friday night. I know it's a good cause, really I do, but sheesh people that could be lots of fun and beautiful yarn. Okay, I won't think like that . . . too much.

My son is feeling better and he will be back at school tomorrow. Yes, I am smiling! My husband is off to another hockey game tonight so no cooking and more knitting time and "Lost"! I will be very annoyed if they sneak in another rerun.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

round and round and round i go

I am still knitting on that same sock. I have about 2 inches left on the foot before I start decreasing for the toe. I haven't gotten in as much knitting time as I would like. My husband took the boys to a Dallas Stars game on Sunday and I literally sat down to work on the sock as they were pulling INTO the driveway. I was doing laundry and housework while they were gone. I actually let out an audible "no way" when they pulled in. Time flies . . . My youngest son is home with the flu. He started taking Tamaflu yesterday and he does feel better today, however, he is still not moving much. I did some knitting on my sock this morning and then I logged onto the computer and started searching knitting patterns - just random patterns - nothing particular in mind. Did I not realize I wasn't finished with even one sock from the current pair? I think I'm getting anxious to start something else wouldn't ya say? Well, we are in the process of looking for kittens. I found a litter of six that I wanted to check out but when I called yesterday, they had all been adopted. That is good though, they are in homes. My boys were a little disappointed. So, I have feelers out there and I'm checking the pet adoption websites daily. We'll see what happens! I'm going to keep going round and round on my sock and see if I can finish it up TODAY!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

2 Posts in 1 Day

So, see the scrap on my blog title? That is for scrapbooking. I am the photo fanatic on the plane taking pictures out the window. I took pictures from West Texas into Los Angeles. I love how the scene changes from up there! So this is a picture somewhere over California. I thought it was a cool looking shot and it came out pretty good.

And here is another pair of completed socks. I had quite a bit of down time while in California and got to do almost an entire sock! Is this what you pictured from my last description? No? Cause I think I described it pretty well. Blue, purple what else do you need? See that white skin on my legs? It looks like that even when I am tan. Go figure.

And this is what I am currently working on. You pictured this didn't you, since I said bright? I'm sure I nailed the description just so! I have gotten quite a bit done since I took this picture earlier. I have 6 inches of ribbing done and almost 1 inch of st. stitch and I'm getting ready to divide for the heel now.

So, 2 posts in one day. It's like Christmas wouldn't you say? I have it on good authority that blogger was a little weird today. So, I gave it another try and I guess it is feeling better now. I'm always glad for the reassurance that I am not as computer illiterate as I think I am!

Technical Difficulties

I have been trying to post pictures for the last 30 minutes or so and I keep getting a technical difficulty pop up. So, no pictures right now. But imagine a really nice pair of socks in blues and purples with a little hidden dark green. Nice huh? Now, imagine a sock in progress with BRIGHT shades of oranges and purples. You just can't believe my skill can you? I know after the 3rd time of knitting up this pattern I can about do it with my eyes closed. And it moves a little quicker as well. Maybe (or not) I will learn the 2 socks at a time method. I have had a much better couple of days. All that sadness from a few days ago is just turning into life and I'm dealing with things. Thanks for the sweet thoughts. Some people can think being sad over a pet is silly, but it happens. I am going to be looking for 2 new kittens soon. I have actually already started. My next door neighbor is a vet and she told me that now that spring is coming (apparently it is here) kittens will be abundant soon. So, I'll keep you posted. Good news people the mailman has just dropped a box on my doorstep . . . hang on cause I know what's in it! A good day indeed not one but 2 packages! Now, imagine merino wool sock in shades of greens, pinks and purples - pretty right? Now there is another one in shades of pinks. Great imaginations out there - now I don't have to post pictures after all. I love packages like this. It just doesn't get any better. These yarns ALWAYS look better in person than they do on the ebay pictures. I think I should by a ball winder. I'll try the pictures later!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Weekend

Well, I got back from LA on Sunday night/Monday morning. The weather here in Dallas/Fort Worth area was very bad and our plane was held up for about 4 hours. I got home at 2 a.m. My trip to LA was good and it was wonderful to be able to help my friend in need. She is amazing and has the best attitude. I had never experienced a cancer center before and this particular center is at Cedars Sinai Hospital. The staff is amazing and it is just incredible what these patients endure. My friend is doing ok. She has a very long road ahead of her and I could not help but feel helpless. So, I just kept her company, fed her and even made her laugh a time or two. Unfortunately, while I was gone my sweetest cat, Millie, died. She was 15 1/2. I had known since August that she wasn't well and when I left home on Wednesday I knew I might not see her again. I asked her to please wait for my return but the poor kitty could not. She died in her sleep on Friday night. Yesterday was a very sad day for me being home and experiencing all the firsts without her. I know it will get better, but boy oh boy do I miss her. My veterinarian's office sent me flowers yesterday. I think that is so kind. I have to say that I was in the perfect place to not be with Millie. My friend has a 19 year old cat, Mel, and she immediately handed him to me to love on as soon as we received the news. She actually suggested I fly home but I knew I wanted to stay with my friend. I will post pictures of my newest completed socks and what I am currently working on tomorrow.

Millie 1990 - 2006

Monday, March 13, 2006

I'm here with my SOCKS!

This is my first pair of socks that I have knitted in a couple of years! I absolutely love them. I haven't worn them because in Texas it is getting quite warm again. Well, I've worn them to try on and to take pictures, of course. This is a basic sock pattern with an 8 inch ribbing. The ribbing lasted forever. I have quite a bit of yarn left over and plan on making some baby booties for my neice/nephew I am expecting in September. Did ya hear that? I am expecting? I'm sure my sis-in-law will appreciate that since she is the one with the morning sickness!

These are the current pair of socks that I am working on. I am doing the same pattern but with a four inch ribbing instead. I will also have quite a bit of this yarn left over as well. Baby booties!

And, when I finish the current pair of socks, this is what is waiting for me. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have found a woman on ebay who spins and dyes her yarn. I have lost out on the last 2 auctions but that's okay (I keep telling myself). I am not ready to take up the dyeing process on my own yet. I have been reading my favorite blogs just about everyday. It is amazing how much time goes by and I notice I haven't kept my own blog updated. I am heading out to Los Angeles on Wednesday to help my friend through her 5th round of chemotherapy. I will be taking my knitting with me and I bought a couple of books to read as well. She told me she will be out of it most likely but I will knit and read (in that order) while I wait for her to need me. My boys left town on Friday with my parents. My husband and I have had all this time to hang out and do our own thing. We have been eating at our favorite restaurants, we have seen 4 movies, and we are going to a hockey game tonight. We have slept late, well except for the dog who wakes us up at night to go out (what is he a baby?) And, I've been knitting! No interruptions to make someone a snack or dinner! Woo hoo. But, I have talked to the boys every day twice a day and it makes me miss them a teensy tinsy little bit! Isn't that just crazy? Okay, back to knitting before the hockey game . . . maybe I'll take it with me!