Monday, November 06, 2006

Lots of Time to Knit

I am now post surgery. Everything went fine. Now comes the tough part, recovery. The doctors and nurses said I was an excellent patient. My surgeon told me I was a lightweight as they had to pull back on anesthesia. It didn't take much to put me under. I feel pretty good. I have some numbness in my left foot. I'm having a difficult time figuring where it starts and ends. My back throbs every now and then but I am mainly taking pain meds at bedtime now. So, I knit while waiting to go into surgery and it did calm me quite a bit. In fact, those are the socks I started Wednesday and I finished them on Saturday. I started some foot warmers on Saturday afternoon from "One Skein" using Lorna's Laces and I'm almost finished with the first one. Here is a picture of the 4 pairs of socks I completed during socktoberfest. The sock on the needles is the pair I started Wednesday and finished Saturday. This is the sweater that I started right before Socktoberfest and have worked very little on, however, the back is complete. I have the yarn and pattern in the bin next to my bed to work on over the next few weeks while I am limited with what I can do. I have received flowers, meals and cards. I have never been on this side. By that I mean receiving. It feels weird. I am so thankful to everyone that has sent me well wishes. I am not a good person at asking for help so for all this stuff to just appear is quite amazing. I know I am blessed. My youngest son's class did get well cards for me. They are absolutely precious. The personal notes, scripture verses and art are awesome! I will definitely scrapbook these items. I sent the class mini-m&m's and cool pencils as a thank you for praying for me. My husband has been Mr. Mom this weekend and has done a very good job. The laundry is done (and so much more)! He might do a better job than me. But, I don't think he wants to do it on a continual basis. My youngest son turned 8 on Friday and I couldn't go to his party but again, my husband did a great job on handling the 20 kids that were there. My son had a blast and came home and showed me all the goodies he received. He sat on the bed with me and we went through the pictures on the camera so he could show and tell me what was what. Well, I'm off to complete my foot warmer. I'm trying to utilize this time to get lots of knitting done!


Blogger amylovie said...

I'm so glad to hear you are on the mends. I can't believe you finished 4 pairs of socks in a month! I'm impressed!


3:30 PM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

I'm glad you're doing well. The knitting will keep you busy and hopefully keep you from going stir crazy. Let me know if you need to chat - I'm always available.

1:52 PM  
Blogger JustApril said...

For some reason, my bloglines isn't getting your updates, even tho I'm subscribed! I didn't know about your surgery somehow =(( SORRY!

I'm glad you are on the mend, and I hope the numbness in the foot goes away sooner rather than later.

Your pile of sock fo's is impressive =) Mend or KNIT back together quickly!

9:41 AM  
Blogger knit only but also said...

You are a veritable sock machine missus - well you would be if you didn't also rapidly produce parts of sweater. Glad you are on the mend (take care of yourself) - is there something in the pre meds that makes you so productive? as I am so lazy at the moment

3:43 PM  
Blogger sarah said...

So glad your surgery went well! And thank goodness for knitting to keep you occupied. Keep us updated on your healing progress :)

1:05 PM  
Blogger Mary-Kay said...

Wow, backk surgery! I'm happy to hear you are getting better. But, BOY are you prolific with the knitting. I LOVE all of your socks. And, your sweater start is excellent!

Ok, off to keep packing!

4:16 PM  

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