Monday, July 31, 2006

Time Flies

I cannot believe it is July 31. My boys start school in 2 1/2 weeks. We are buying all our school supplies today - yuck. The days of waking up without an alarm are almost over and I think I might be depressed. I really overdid it last year with volunteering. Don't get me wrong I love to help and be involved but I did too much last year. I declined 2 major PTO positions (at separate schools) and "they" are calling me now and sending me letters to see if maybe I changed my mind. NO! I have not changed my mind. I think we have had a pretty good summer and I'm just not ready to see it end. I just found out my middle son (the one with Asperger's) is getting 2 new teachers. 2 new teachers to the school. 2 new teachers that haven't seen him in action. Maybe that is a good thing, but I have been worried about him going into 7th grade. I hope he does well. I am praying. I have no pictures to post, but I have done some serious knitting since my last post. Well, serious in that I've completed several smaller projects. Of course, the socks continue to pile up and I have completed one pair, a single sock, and a cuff on a second sock. I've completed the one-skein wonder, and a baby blanket. I think that is it. I visited Yarntopia again in Houston and walked away with a medium bag (that was running over). If I lived closer I'd visit there more often. Which leads me to a story. I took my 3 boys to the dentist last week for their regular checkups. I sat in the waiting room knitting my socks for the hour or so they were gone. After their appointments were over an assistant called me back to visit with the dentist. I had another small wait so pulled out my socks. Well the dentist came in and immediately started talking about my knitting. He said he is a "knitting widow". I laughed and said well I thought my husband could probably qualify for that title as well. He had never seen sock knitting before and we talked about knitting a good 5 minutes. He then apologized for "wasting my time" talking about knitting. I laughed and said I would much rather talk about knitting than hearing what he might be getting ready to tell me about the boys (which was all good news actually)! He told me a friend of his just opened a new yarn store near there and had I been to it. Okay, the dentist is maybe 7 minutes from my house and HE knows about a new LYS????? What has happened to my LYS radar? In fact he told me that the store was being featured on "Good Morning Texas" that morning, but of course I had already missed it. So, I found their website and went there on Thursday and I'd like to just move in. They have a weekly "sit and knit" on Thursdays and I hope to become a regular and meet some other knitters. The name of the store is "Yarns Ewenique". I got to see so many yarns that I've read about on various blogs and now I see why people love what they love. I bought some Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn and a skein of Claudia's Handpainted sock yarn. I bought some more Mission Falls yarn for the one-skein wonder. I also bought the most amazing bag that looks like a purse. It is kind of on the big side but I can carry all my purse junk plus a sock project with all my gadgets. I love it! One can never have too many knitting bags. I even found a class that I'm going to sign up for in August that will take place while the boys are in school. The store is max 15 minutes from my house. It's awesome! I just can't believe my LYS radar wasn't working to know this mid-Spring. I finished "A Good Yarn" yesterday. I liked that book. I read another book last week. I think it was called "The Memory Keeper's Daughter". Another good read. I am now reading "Sense and Sensibility" by Jane Austen. I have gotten so much summer reading done! Well, it's off to buy school supplies.


Blogger Cherice said...

My kids start school on the 17th. My youngest will be in kindergarten!! (which means I will be tied close to home since it's a half day program and the closest yarn shop is half an hour away). This next week we'll finish up the buying of the school supplies and clothes. It seems that overnight my daughter has outgrown everything, and I'm sure the boys will find many things that they "can't live without" too. Ug!!

I volunteered a lot when my first two were in school. Last year the daughter and I volunteered one morning a week. Don't know how much I'll do this year, I'll see once the school year starts what I want to do.

That's funny about your dentist, mine would know nothing about knitting!

3:41 PM  
Blogger sarah said...

Good for you! Sometimes its more important to say no to things than to say yes. Especially during the school year. I'm sure your children will appreciate having you home more too!

1:36 PM  
Blogger amylovie said...

I love the name of your new LYS.


10:03 AM  
Blogger Jeanie said...

OMG, why can't I find a dentist like THAT??? How fabulous that you found such a terrific LYS so close to you! I'm so jealous -- Yarntopia is over an hour away and THAT's when I don't get lost!

Good luck with the new school year -- I can't believe summer's already over :-( but I AM ready for the kids to go back to school...

5:17 PM  

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