Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Buy more Yarn!

I had a fun time in Galveston with my youngest son. I took him to Schlitterbahn (a waterpark) and I spent 7 1/2 hours there with him. That is quite good for me. I am not a fan of waterparks. We survived even though we had a little scare when we got separated on the lazy river for about 7 minutes. A long 7 minutes, but I found him and he held onto me pretty tightly the rest of the day. The highlight of the trip was seeing my sister in law at 7 months pregnant. She looks great and is feeling well and still weighs less than me! Darn! She's got 8 more weeks so maybe there is still hope of her weighing more than me! It's all about me! So, onto my trip to Yarntopia - this was definitely a tie for the highlight of my trip. I took my sis in law with me to pick out some baby goodies and for a complete nonknitter, she sure was hooked! I bought stuff for 4 projects with patterns for 2 more projects after the baby is born. They are waiting until the birth to find out the sex of the baby. We found 2 baby blankets we liked but need to know if the baby is a boy or girl first. So, I'll be busy. Now that is not all I got. I bought 3 different sock yarns (2 Hill Country Yarn colors, and my sock for the SAL with Yarntopia), yarn for a shrug (one-skein wonder), and yarn for a top (Brigitte from French Girl). All I know is the shopping trip required the largest shopping bag at Yarntopia! I have lots of fun knitting to do. I have completed my socks in shades of pink. I have started another sock with yarn from my friend in Washington and it is gorgeous in shades of green and purple. I am almost finished with the first sock and will delay the second sock while I do my socks for the SAL. I am working on the baby blanket made from Plymouth's Heaven. Yes - 2 projects at once! I started it yesterday and should probably finish it tonight while watching my oldest son have mild to medium panic attacks watching the Mavericks/Heat game. My husband is at the game so he might be feeling worse at this point. I guess if I would have gone with him I couldn't have knitted! I think he should have sold the tickets and given me the money for more yarn . . . just sayin!


Blogger amylovie said...

It was so nice seeing you again. I really enjoyed meeting you SIL and finding goodies for you to knit.


8:22 PM  
Blogger Mom (a.k.a. Mary Ann) said...

Sounds like you had fun at Yarntopia.

The vest pattern can be found at www.knitting-crochet.com/clacab.html. When I downloaded it, it came with a picture. The last time I called it up, no picture. Oh well, you know what it looks like.

8:35 PM  

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