Monday, May 01, 2006

Where Are My Books?

So here it is May 1 and my 3 books that I have ordered from Amazon are still not here. Computer invoice says they have been shipped. It has been at least 3 1/2 weeks. I have been to 2 local books stores and now ALL 3 BOOKS that I have ordered are at the bookstores. All 3!!! Where is my Amazon order? Sheesh! And you know what I did? I peeked at the bookstore copies and that's like ruining part of the joy and surprise of getting a new book (that you actually own) in your hands! So, again, where are my Amazon books? I'm just not impressed with them this order. I have barely been knitting the last few days. As a recap, I am still on my blue/green socks. I have completed one sock and am working on the foot of the second sock. So, there is progress. My oldest son went on a school trip to Disneyworld in February. Each student has to make a scrapbook of the trip and it is due next Monday (5/8). Guess who spent all of yesterday helping the son with his scrapbook? He is so excited about this album that he wanted to take it to school today but we still have to label each photos and put page protectors on. I never ever (NEVER EVER) let a scrapbook leave my house without page protectors. I'm telling you just to send this one to school will probably nearly send me over the edge. And it is a major grade! I cannot imagine how it will get treated with so many other scrapbooks in a pile. I will just send it off and not look back. I am going on a scrapbook retreat this weekend and I will be working on our family albums. I always love going on these retreats because I usually get so much accomplished. Now that I spent all of yesterday working on son's album I am ready! I cannot believe all the stuff that has popped up for the month of May in getting ready for the last day of school. I have school stuff going on almost everyday through the end of May. It is unbelievable what can be crammed into these last days. With any hope, I will get this last blue/green sock complete and then onto baby booties (which I've said before!). Oh, and where are my books?


Blogger Stephanie said...

Call Amazon's customer service and ask them. Seriously.

12:58 PM  
Blogger knit only but also said...

Oh you poor honey! There is nothing worse than knowing that your books are out there and there are projects that need you to knit them! If it is not too painful - which books are they? (Always good to know what other knitters are looking at), hope they come soon

4:03 PM  

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