Thursday, March 23, 2006

Technical Difficulties

I have been trying to post pictures for the last 30 minutes or so and I keep getting a technical difficulty pop up. So, no pictures right now. But imagine a really nice pair of socks in blues and purples with a little hidden dark green. Nice huh? Now, imagine a sock in progress with BRIGHT shades of oranges and purples. You just can't believe my skill can you? I know after the 3rd time of knitting up this pattern I can about do it with my eyes closed. And it moves a little quicker as well. Maybe (or not) I will learn the 2 socks at a time method. I have had a much better couple of days. All that sadness from a few days ago is just turning into life and I'm dealing with things. Thanks for the sweet thoughts. Some people can think being sad over a pet is silly, but it happens. I am going to be looking for 2 new kittens soon. I have actually already started. My next door neighbor is a vet and she told me that now that spring is coming (apparently it is here) kittens will be abundant soon. So, I'll keep you posted. Good news people the mailman has just dropped a box on my doorstep . . . hang on cause I know what's in it! A good day indeed not one but 2 packages! Now, imagine merino wool sock in shades of greens, pinks and purples - pretty right? Now there is another one in shades of pinks. Great imaginations out there - now I don't have to post pictures after all. I love packages like this. It just doesn't get any better. These yarns ALWAYS look better in person than they do on the ebay pictures. I think I should by a ball winder. I'll try the pictures later!


Blogger Stephanie said...

Blogger's been weird all day. Yay for yarn and for socks. And I hope you find kittens soon.

12:53 PM  

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