Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Still Knitting

Well, I haven't posted because I was being lazy and not taking pictures of my completed projects. First of all, I made 6 hats and 1 do-rag for my friend in California going through chemo. I mailed them at the end of last week so hopefully she will receive them today or tomorrow. The do-rag is made out of cotton. And I know after several washings it will really soften up. The black, brown, pink, and mint green hats are made out of Berroco's Chinchilla. The cream and lavender hats are made out of Berroco's Plush. I used the same pattern for all the hats and the hats done out of Plush are by far my favorite. They are also much easier to care for laundry wise. Apparently Chinchilla is supposed to be dry-cleaned. I'd go ahead and hand wash them. My friend has a small head and if they shrink a little it will be okay. The Plush is a more snug fit and I just liked them better - no shedding on those 2. The chinchilla sheds! I finally made the poncho for a friend that had purchased some yarn from a store in Dallas. She is not a knitter and had been looking for some yarn for me to knit up something. I was afraid, at first, that she didn't purchase enough (it was $16/ball and there were 4 balls) and she didn't want to buy anymore. But it did work out after all and hopefully she will like it. I don't know how big she wanted it. I just did a rectangle in garter stitch and sewed up one side. I am glad to have it completed, now I need to call her and let her know it is done. I've only had it completed for what a little over a week now! She probably thinks I disappeared or something. And lastly, I am make a sweater for myself using yarn from Southwest Trading Company. It is Optimum wool. It is very soft. The color is an almost hot pink. I had been looking at this yarn in my LYS for about a year. It is a pricey yarn - initially priced at $25/ball. I don't know what happened but it was marked down 50% and I jumped on it. They had just enough for the pattern I'm using. There was enough in torquoise, but I didn't want to overdo. Now, I wish that I overdid because I love the way it is knitting up. I am using a pattern from "Knitting Pure & Simple". It is the "Neckdown Pullover For Women". It is knitted in the round from the neck down and it is VERY EASY! So hopefully, I will whip it out pretty quickly so that I can work on projects waiting to be done! And for some reason I've uploaded my progress on the sweater twice and it isn't showing up. So we will have to wait until another time. My youngest son is home sick with a nasty stomach virus and my husband is home hurt from an ATV accident this weekend. He cracked his tailbone all the way across. He is on major drugs. California Closet Co. is on their way out to see what we can do about my pantry - yippee! I have GOT to get these sick and injured people well and out of the house so I can knit while the house is clean and not feel guilty!


Blogger Hexter said...

How long does it take you to do the knitting?

The Rockers Cabin

8:32 AM  
Blogger amylovie said...

The chemo caps look great. She will love them. I'm glad that the poncho worked out. I was with you, I didn't think you would have enough.


10:02 AM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

Lovely hats and poncho. I so wish California Closets would come to my house, but they don't have a rep here. Grrr. Sorry for all the sickies. I hope everyone gets back on their feet in no time.

10:49 AM  
Blogger happyspider said...

those hats are awesome, i bet they make her feel much better... all that love must be therapeutic :)
hope your son gets better soon

2:26 AM  

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