Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year

I spent a few days in Houston with my brother and sister in law. I took my oldest son. We got to eat at my FAVORITE mexican food restaurant. We have been eating there about 30 years! It is against my law to go to Houston and not eat there! Anyway, while in Houston I contacted Amylovie and got to meet her over smoothies and latte. I think she had a latte - can't remember now - it was yesterday. Anyway, I had a great time meeting her and I was very excited to hear about the store she and Sheryl are opening! I am planning to go to their grand opening. I have gotten a little knitting done over the weekend and will tell more about it next post!


Blogger amylovie said...

It was such a pleasure meeting you Stephanie. Isn't it neat how you can make friends by blogging? I'll look forward to seeing you again in April.

7:18 PM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

Oh, how fun. I'm glad you had a good trip.

8:03 AM  
Blogger Jeanie said...

Hi Stephanie! I'm so jealous that you got to meet Amy. I plan to meet her when she opens her store though... probably when Glampyre (another Stefanie) visits.

1:00 PM  
Blogger JustApril said...

It's so cool you two were able to get together =) How fun

I wish we went to Houston once in a while. I don't think I've been down there since I was about 11 or so. =(

8:55 AM  
Blogger Lolly said...

Looking forward to seeing what you have been working on! ;)

How nice to meet Amy!

12:51 PM  
Blogger Lynda said...

How fun to meet Amy! Too bad Texas is so far away, she, Sheryl, and Jeanie are some of my favorite people!

I think this is my first time here - it's fun to find another Christian knitting blogger. I'll be back!

5:57 PM  

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