Sunday, October 30, 2005

Let's See If I Can

I'd like to say it's me, but it's not, my husband did it. He is the one that put the pictures on my computer so that I could post them here. Let's see if I can . . . Here is the sweater (a rear view with the hood and cabling showing) that I FINALLY finished yesterday after about 9 hours of assembly. I never got around to working on it Thursday or Friday due to children's school things. So, when I sat down to assemble the sweater yesterday (it was somewhat held together at the top by the hood) I still had to sew the side seams, sleeves, and line up the cables on the sleeves and the body. Keeping in mind this was my first cable project (and I thought they were easy), it took me f.o.r.e.v.e.r. to get it put together just right. My husband let me sit pretty much the entire day because I think he was getting scared of me. I was a little frustrated! He actually left around 4:30 to take my oldest son to the U2 concert (they had a blast). Me, I couldn't have left even if I wanted to. It was one of those things that could not have been interrupted. It just wouldn't have worked. I thought I might just throw it in the garbage. And, I have been so excited to finish it. Well, it is done. I might actually wear it! With that said, this is a cotton/angora blend and as I assembled and reassembled the sweater little bits of fuzzies kept flying in my eyes (and I wear contacts) and that just added to the frustration. I took the contacts out and that helped but ya know . . . I finished a little shrug that is basically a rectangle tonight, as well. I thought I would start another sweater but this just required seaming up the sides. I like it and will post photos at another time. I would have to wear it with the right thing to do it justice. I don't have the fashion sense (ever) but especially now to make it work. So, here is the cake that I made on Thursday. I know it sold right away at the bake sale, but I don't know for how much. Okay placing these pictures in the appropriate spot is NOT working out for me! So, now I get to begin another sweater. I have 2 pullovers I'm thinking of (both with baby alpaca - more fuzzies?). I'll see which looks easiest and start there. I am still debating on the felted bags for the mothers. I'm still waiting until Tuesday. It's been a busy weekend and I'm glad I'm done with it, but now the week and the real work begins! I think I need to wash school clothes - NOW! Better run . . .

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Finishing Up!

I got the camera. I've used the camera. I've deleted pictures I didn't like from the camera (including some very interesting shots of my husband eating buffalo wings - definitely deleted those!) I have NOT printed any pictures or put any pictures on the computer. I'm a slow mover or slow learner. I'm not sure which. I will be using the camera tomorrow for it's first official outing for my youngest son's Grandparents Day at school. Woo hoo! Love that stuff - okay not really but he is very excited about it and my parents are coming and he is in a play doing some kind of musical instrument so I have the camera ready! Another scrapbooking opportunity! Maybe just maybe I'll learn to post a picture on the blog. On to knitting news. I see the light at the end of the tunnel for my short sleeve hoodie. I have knitted all the parts - the front, back and each sleeve have been picked up and brought together by knitting the hood. I completed the hood last night. Now I have to seam it all and pick up stitches around the hood and v-neck to do the ribbing. With any free time today, I will hopefully accomplish all of that because I'd love to wear it tomorrow! Then I could get someone to take a picture of me and then I could learn to post pictures on the blog . . . you can see I am stuck on this. So I have been very productive with my knitting - y'all have to trust me on this! Last night I got the bright idea of knitting gifts for Christmas. I assure you yesterday afternoon this idea was 10000 miles from my mind because, well frankly, that takes away time from the 3 very important sweaters I want to knit for myself pronto. But I saw this picture of a felted bag (more like a tote) and I thought I could whip those up pretty quick and give one to my Mom and MIL. So, do I really want to knit them or am I just needing to go buy more yarn? Hmmmmm. It has been about two weeks since my last purchase. Said purchase is still in the bag. I'll wait until Tuesday and see if the feeling passes! That gets me through the busy weekend and back to when my LYS is open. I am excited to start one of my new sweaters. I have two that I'm trying to decide between at this point. Decisions decisions! Okay, I'm off to bake a chocolate/cherry cake, chess squares and finish my peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate for the bake sale at Grandparent's Day tomorrow. Hopefully, they will be yummy and go for lots of money!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Back to Normal

Well, the inlaws have returned to their home and my home is back to "normal". Wow what a loaded statement. I can't even define normal for my home. But whatever it is, we are there. I went to visit a knitting group on Sunday afternoon that my LYS owner hosts every third Sunday. I took my MIL with me and we had a nice little visit with all the other ladies present. I love watching all the works in progress and getting even more inspired! One of the ladies was crocheting a beautiful baby afghan that was a pattern her grandmother had used. She actually gave me her copy of the pattern because she said she could get another one and she does it so much she has it memorized. Now I just need someone to have a baby so I can make it! I haven't crocheted in awhile but I can do it. Years ago I started this afghan that is 63 different squares. While looking through blogs the other day I say a crochet-along doing that afghan. And here I thought I had 63 really nice pot holders. I really should put them all together. Another unfinished project lurking in my house! I have been working on my short sleeve hoodie. I completed the back, and the front and just started on one of the sleeves last night. I am anxious to get this one finished now. I'm ready to start something new! Well, I went to get my camera fixed and was told basically that it isn't worth it. Everyone - well the people that I mainly listen to - are telling me it's time to go digital. My brother is like me and we both take lots of photos and he has researched the camera I was told to get at the camera store and he says go for it. I trust my brother so I think I will be getting it tomorrow. My youngest son has an event going on at school next Friday and I need a camera! I told my husband that gives me a week to figure out what buttons to push. So maybe I will be able to post photos more frequently. I have to tell you when the camera store guy started talking giga stuff I got scared. I'm trying to be brave and go with change. As my brother said "You wouldn't go buy an 8-track player now would you." He's older than me by 3 years that's why he is wise and can say things like that!

Friday, October 14, 2005

I Have ... Really

I have been working on my short sleeve hoodie as much as possible this week (which isn't much) and I have completed the back and am currently about 1/4 of the way through the front. I had to run to my LYS yesterday for a question. I'm sure she thinks I'm truly dumb sometimes. But as soon as she said it (and just as the directions stated it) everything clicked, the lightbulb went on and I got it. She said nothing different than the directions. I have had an ultra crazy week and it won't be better for several days. I may not blog for a few days with out of town company, fall festival blah blah blah blah. Whenever will I get to knit again? Even my carpool shawl is moving s.l.o.w. because I tend to not even sit in carpool line lately. It's pull up at the very end let the sweeties jump in and take off to the next place. Now is that fair? I think not! Fall festival is tomorrow. I'm trying to be a good mom and be excited about it but alas, I'm not. But at least after tomorrow night it will be over. Oh and while I was at my LYS last night, I bought yarn to go with the tunic pattern I bought last week. And since my knitting accomplishments are moving s.l.o.w. who knows when it will get done. Oh well, at least I haven't reset the self imposed buying restriction on yet, but I might have to if I don't finish SOMETHING soon! Have a great weekend! No pictures to post - camera is broken for at last another month of so. Will try to come up with something else (disposables) to post pics.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Learning a New Trick

First of all my weekend at the scrapbook retreat went very well. I completed everything that I took so that has me current through 10/1/2005 which was my oldest son's bday. I have never been this caught up before. I did 48 pages in my 2005 album (12x12) and I did 18 pages in my knitting album (7x7). My knitting album is just pictures of all the things I have knitted - a running scrapbook. I finished all this by 6 pm on Saturday evening so I had lots of time to just relax since check out time was Sunday afternoon. I finished my current book by Anita Shreve - "Light on Snow" and then I sat down, watched a movie "Big Fish" and did some knitting on my short sleeve hoodie. I got to what I thought might be a complicated part and put it back in my bag to work on at home where I could concentrate in the quiet (meaning when the kids are not at home). So yesterday I'm home (kids' are home too) and I do some organizing in the kitchen drawers and pantry. Clean out the refrigerator (seems like I do this often), run the vacuum, clean the toilets (my least favorite chore with laundry coming in second). Well, it was time to take a break even though the boys were home. I pulled out the short sleeve hoodie and sat down to do the new complicated thing . . . cables. Well hello, cables aren't hard. They look hard, but they aren't I whipped those babies out in no time. I called my husband at work and told him I had just done my first cable. I'm sure he was excited. He told me he was. He congratulated me. I told him it was as exciting as when I ran my first mile without stopping. Speaking of which . . . I have fallen off the wagon. I have not run in over a week and I am feeling pure guilt. And here I sit at the computer. I have got to get back out there! I know I do! When my husband got home he announced to the boys that I had made my first cable stitch except that he got the name wrong and I can't remember what he said now. In his own way he was bragging on me even though the boys ignored him. He looked at it and he did the proper oohs and aahs. So not only did I get to go scrapbook (and get caught up) he complimented my knitting. He can really be a good guy sometimes. Well off to continue the cleaning. My in-laws are coming this weekend and they have never seen our house before. It's been 3 years since they've been for a visit and we've moved since then! Deep cleaning - yuck!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Where Has The Time Gone?

I cannot believe it has been a week since I last posted. I have been visiting my favorite blogs, however. I will be going out of town in the morning for a scrapbook weekend. I hope to get lots of pages accomplished. I usually get minimal amounts of sleep on these weekends but I am going to try to be responsible and go to bed at reasonable times on both nights so that I will be better rested on my return home Sunday evening. I have been knitting on my new short sleeve hooded sweater. I love working with this yarn. It is so soft! It is working up nicely. I finally got my photos developed from some of my other projects. So here is the sweater I finished last week (variegated bright colors). I also am showing a sweater from Artyarns that I completed in the spring but never got to wear. And here is a photo of another sweater waiting in line patiently for me to begin on it. The pictures are okay. I dropped my camera on Saturday right before my son's 13th bday dinner. The camera won't work on auto focus and barely is workin on manual focus. So bear with me. It will be 6 weeks before my camera store can get in a new lens for me. I went to my LYS yesterday and found another pattern I want to knit. I did not buy the yarn to go with the pattern yet, but I did buy the pattern. It's by Reynold's and it's called Hippy Chic Tunic. I don't know what yarn I will use yet. The possibilities are endless! I went to my son's football game tonight. It was in the mid 60's with a very cold wind. Everyone was huddled in their fleece blankets and heavy jackets. I wore a heavey sweater jacket I made last year out of Circus buy Artyarns. So I guess sweater weather is close by. Close by because it's Texas and Mother Nature could be fooling us with today's weather! So, I will post on Monday with an update on my scrapbook weekend. I doubt I will get any knitting done but will probably take it with me in case I need a little break.