Friday, September 30, 2005

It's Finished

I finished my sweater yesterday. I had to pull one of the sleeves out twice, but I finally got it done. Also, the bottom is supposed to roll up but I didn't like that in the tummy area so I single crocheted three rows so that it will lay flat. It is a fun sweater but it is bulky. Did I not notice that from the pattern and the yarn as it was working up? What is wrong with me? I tend to really like the look of bulky things. On the pattern picture! I don't think they flatter me much, but I seem to always go towards that type of pattern. I think I'm nervous about doing something too fitted. However, I think my confidence is getting stronger. I have 3 sweaters in line to do and I will try to find something a little more fitted after I finish these. I did finish this sweater in a little over a week so maybe the other 3 will knit up quickly as well. I will post a photo asap. The weather is still nice and cool. I ran my 2 miles this morning and guess what? I still got hot. But it was nicer than on Wednesday. Well, a crazy weekend is in front of me . . . homecoming, soccer game, 13th bday with sleepover, hosing down house afterwards - ick, etc. Everyone have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

It Was Burning A Hole in My Purse

So today I go to Granbury, the town I used to live in. I had to hand over the financials from our Sunday school class. Since we have moved, we finally said goodbye to our home church and I met with the new treasurer to hand over all the papers and checkbooks etc etc. But, while I was there I must go to my old LYS - right? And it would be rude to not buy anything - right? I just try to do my part. It's the nice way to be. And, Pauline has a punch card system. Once the card is full it is worth $25.00. This had been in my wallet for months - MONTHS! It seems I needed to redeem it (not a rule just a feeling I had in my gut) and that I did. I purchased a pattern by Cabin Fever - Top Down Swing Coat. I need yarn to go with the pattern - right? I got this lovely yarn that I'd love to tell you about but in looking at it, there is no label. There was a label but I guess in the ball winding process the labels got misplaced. Hmmm. But it's pretty and it's really nice! Really nice! Anyway if you are ever in Granbury, go to Dot's Yarn Shop. It's not far off the Granbury square and there are always women in there knitting and having fun! So, since it had been months since I had been in for a visit, there had to be lots and lots of new stuff. I should really go back when I have more than 30 minutes to kill. My current sweater is going well. I finished one sleeve last night and did the casting on for the second sleeve. I worked on it a little bit this evening watching TV. I also did some of my "famous shawl" knitting during carpool line AND while waiting to attend chapel with my youngest son this morning at his school. I got lots of comments doing it in there, nothing negative, but I had 20 minutes to wait for him. That's lots of knitting time in my book! Now I have people waiting to see the end results and wanting to know when I will wear it. I'm not sure volunteering at an elementary school is where I will wear it but you never know! I may have to sit my knitting down some this week and (I really hate to say this) do some house cleaning. How can a really clean house get so messy so quickly? Is it me? Is it the boys in my house? And oldest son will be 13 this weekend and he is having a sleepover here with 5 of his closest friends. Should I even waste my time cleaning ahead of time? I probably should just wait until Sunday, pull in the husbands pressure washer and hose the house down after the party. I guess I should just keep knitting, cleaning can wait until AFTER the sleepover. Yes, that's what I'll do.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

What I Get For Helping

It was about 5 in the evening tonight and my husband still had not gotten around to doing the yard. And it wasn't just mowing the grass, we needed to trim the hedges, edge and all that other stuff. He was planning on doing it all along, but well the near 100 degrees was kind of making him not want to. He's sure Fall is coming. I love that he is so optimistic. So, I put down my knitting (nice huh) and said let me help you. The reason this is a big deal - not putting my knitting down, but doing yard work - is because I don't do yard work. I grew up with an older brother and my Dad had him do yard work and I did house work. That's just the way it was. So I don't have a whole lot of experience. In fact, it has been said yards look nicer when I don't work in them. Some people are just mean you know! So I tell my husband I'll do the hedges. He is nice and he is concerned about me being in the heat. I said I don't mind sweating so let's go. I throw on my running clothes because I don't mind sweating in those. Well, an hour and half or two later and sore sore arms, I had to call it quits. I raked and swept up all my trash and put it in the appropriate bags and so forth. Then sweet husband and I get in a discussion about our son's earlier behavior. Father and son had been arguing about some dumb stuff. I had not been listening but my son was trying to blame my other 2 boys for why the world is in its current state of mess. Well, that's how it seems on a day to day basis here with 3 boys that always blame one another. So that gets my husband remembering a day a few year's ago - think it was Mother's Day - that we had front row tickets to see Bill Cosby. Note to anyone paying attention - don't sit front center at a Bill Cosby show. Bill Cosby has a little act where he tells why having more than one child is difficult because you never know who really did it - whatever it is - because they always blame the other one. Then husband starts to tell me how Bill Cosby is one of his top 5 favorite people, along with Bono, a minister friend of ours, and 2 others I can't remember right now. I thought that was a rather eclectic group of people. Then it hits me, back to the concert, Bill Cosby tore me up one side and down the other in front of a sold out show. He also was rough on my mother, as well. My husband still takes great pleasure in this. And I wanted to help him with the yard! That will teach me! He actually bowed his head and had a moment of silence. So, if you do see Bill Cosby in concert and you do sit front row center, if you agree with him or disagree it's all entertainment for everybody ELSE in the audience! Okay I'm fine now, really. So, I got the front of my sweater finished last night. I then attached the front and back and picked up the appropriate stitches and knitted the collar. Now, I am working on one of the sleeves. Had I just shrugged my shoulders at the yard work, I could probably be finished with at least one sleeve. Oh well, tomorrow is another day!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Stress Relief

I spent a lot of time at home today. I was expecting my sister in law but she headed a little west of me to my parents house. Less traffic their way. It took her 12 hours to do a 5 hour trip. She was exhausted. My brother has stayed in Houston and is just waiting to see what happens. It took my sister in law over 3 hours to go 15 miles this morning. Oh the stories are endless. I've been in the comfort of my own home today knitting away on my new sweater. I was stressed for my brother not leaving and stressed for my sister in law to be on the freeway under the conditions that are out there . . . hot hot hot, not enough gasoline, and the traffic in general. But they are safe for now and I finished the back of my new sweater and started on the front. See, it always comes back to knitting. The bad news is . . . my hands are sore. I haven't done that in a very long time! But let's not tell anyone that my hands hurt because they might think I should slow down on the knitting and not buy more yarn. That would be BAD! Cause I'm thinking if I can turn out a few more projects in the next week or two then I should go back to my LYS and see what else I can't live without. I'm really liking the way this sweater is working up. It is super easy. My oldest son had a football game tonight that I did not attend. I stayed home with my other 2 boys. We had to complete some homework. My son's team lost. He had fun in any event and was excited to get in a tackle on the other team's quarterback. He walked in the door at 9 pm and went straight to bed. Wore his little self out! Did anyone watch ER tonight? I have watched that show from day 1. Less ER action and more character storyline tonight, but I was still entertained and I kept on knitting. That's my stress relief!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Knitting Lesson

Well, my friend came over this morning for her first knitting lesson. She is going to be making a rectangular shawl. As I watched her try to get the feel of the knitting needles and feel comfortable with the motion of the yarn and movement of the needles, it made me realize that I had come a long way in my knitting skills. I feel like I'm a beginner knitter, but I cannot imagine knitting needles NOT being in my hands! I saw her later this afternoon in carpool line and gave her a little wave. Apparently my mission has been accomplished because she didn't wave back, she was busy knitting! I could tell she was still holding the needles tight. I know she will relax. I started my new sweater this afternoon. I did a swatch and it came out just right. The sweater is going to be fun! I love the way the colors are turning out. It looks like a water color. I will finish one ball of yarn this evening. My sister in law is coming from the Houston area tomorrow. My brother is making her evacuate. He is on some hurricane relief team and cannot leave but is sending her up with their dog. I will enjoy her company but I know she is dreading leaving my brother behind. What should be about a 5 hour drive will probably take her twice that if not more with the traffic that has already begun. And it looks like we are going to get some rain as well. We could use it but I don't know if we need 12 inches at once! Anybody a fan of "Lost"? I watched it this evening and it didn't answer any of my questions. I guess I'll have to watch it again next week. Do you think "they" (the writers) even know where "they" are going with this? I'm curious about the outcome, what's the plan? I'm a fan, what can I say!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

He said Mom Do You Need More?

So this morning I'm running around trying to get the boys out the door on time since hubby is still out of town. I had a doctor's appointment right after dropping off last son so I had to get up extra early and really get dressed instead of just throwing on running clothes. So, if you are going to sit in a doctor's office chances are very good you better bring your knitting. I may have mentioned to my boys that I would be visiting my LYS today. My youngest son was with me in my craft room as I rummaged through the yarn (because I finished my other shawl last night- yippee) and he looks at my bins of yarn and said "Mom do you need more yarn? Shouldn't you use all this first?" The boy is 6, what does he know? I asked "Have you been talking to your Dad?" Note to self: keep that boy away from the husband - just in case! So I threw caution to the wind and got myself down to the LYS after the doctor's appointment. My LYS owner had gotten in new stuff! Now there is even more stuff I want. So what did I purchase? I bought a pattern and yarn by Reynolds and the yarn (acrylic/wool blend) is called Smile. I am doing an easy pullover and the colors are in blue, purple, pink, green and yellow. That will be my at-home project and then my carpool line, soccer, football project is ANOTHER shawl. The La Boheme "Taos" color. I'm knitting up the "Fabulous Shawl" on the size 17s. It will be pretty. I also purchased some more baby alpaca but in a cream color. The LYS owner made a pattern on sweater wizard that I will do with the red and cream baby alpaca. The 2/3 will be red and the bottom 1/3 will be cream. (I wonder if my sons would be amazed that I could do the fractions on that) Hopefully it will look good. And I still have to do my sweater from Artyarns in serenade. And then I found some more yarn that I want to purchase for another easy pullover from Knitting Pure & Simple. I've also seen and have some cute patterns for felted bags that I want to do. And then I would like to . . . "Do You Need More Yarn" . . . YES! It was good to lift the self imposed restriction!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Quiet Time

Well, my Granddaddy went home last night. I was supposed to teach a friend to knit this morning and her son is sick so that is postponed. I went for a LONG walk this morning instead of a run because my tummy isn't feeling good. And my house is clean and quiet this morning and I'm just enjoying it. I have been going through new blogs and seeing new completed projects and am so inspired! I want to knit all of these things now! I organized my yarns and patterns over the weekend. I had scraps thrown in with needing to knit yarn. What to do with scraps? I use some of the scraps for gift wrapping. Also, I have some skeins of yarn that are full that I didn't need for a project after all. What do you do with those? Some time ago I purchased 4 skeins of Plymouth Yarn's Baby Alpaca Grande in red. It is about 440 yards total. I have NO IDEA what to do with it! I think originally I was going to make a rectangle wrap with it but I think I've changed my mind and would like a sweater. However, I don't have a pattern and I don't have enough yarn. I know I could go back to the store and get more yarn but the dye lot will be different. I could do another color with it. Any ideas? Has anyone worked with this yarn before? I have made one hat and 2 scarves with it. My husband is off to San Francisco for 2 days on some personal business. I've never been to SF. He used to travel there on business all the time and I never had the opportunity to go with him. Someone always has to stay back and mind the boys! So this morning I got everyone off to school and we did good! I refrained from going to my LYS this weekend but I think I'll go tomorrow and see if that little incentive program really works. I hope I have something good to report! I think I will work on this shawl I'm trying to finish up so I can begin something new. Ahhhh, quiet time and the house to myself. This is a good thing today!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

What to Do

First of all, yesterday I might have been bragging about having it together in the morning. Yesterday I was June Cleaver - today I was Roseanne. Everything was going wrong but I did get the boys to school without being tardy - it was just rushed and hectic. I'm sure the boys were dressed and had their appropriate backpacks in tow. I will try to do tomorrow I promise! Secondly, today is my 15 year anniversary. How the time has flown! How the time has dragged! It depends on the day and the period of our lives! I wish I could have a clearer memory on that day 15 years ago. There are so many things I don't remember and I put so much effort into it as does every bride! But we are still here - so yea us! Okay, here's the serious dilemma part . . . my LYS started a customer loyalty program and guess what? I qualify! If you spend a certain amount of money there between January 1 and August 30 you qualify. Shock surprise I did it! The perk is now I get 10% off every purchase in my LYS through December 31. I am on a self imposed restriction on buying yarn right now. I think I should lift it. I just showed hubby the email and he said "do you need any yarn right now?" duh? Don't we always need more yarn? But I'm trying so hard to be practical but then there's the 10% discount. If I spend lots and lots of money well that would be a big savings! See my thinking here. I should get that yarn winder thingamajig that I really want so that I can wind up some of my stash. Maybe if it's in balls it will make the stash look smaller and then I can justify lifting the self imposed restriction. I am so mean to myself. I should just go in and shop. After all, it started today. Today is my anniversary. Maybe it's a sign that self imposed restrictions are very bad. Who has my back here?

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Middle of the Week

I got up this morning and did my mom stuff and just had it all together (very rare!). I got the boys up, clothes laid out, breakfast and lunch prepared and got myself ready 10 minutes before we needed to walk out the door. Dropped the kids off in time for them to socialize, came home and ran my 2 miles. I still don't think I'll make it every time I go out there but I do. I keep thinking "must run before knitting today". I only got carpool time in for knitting today. I was doing housework and some stuff for the 1st grade teacher. So what's the incentive for running if I can't knit? Maybe now I don't have to run Friday. right? maybe? should I? Okay the quilt that I posted tonight is the friendship quilt my friend from New York put together for me. She appliqued 6 squares as did I. My flowers are the poppy, bluebonnet, paintbrush, sunflower, daffodil and columbine. My Mother-in-law is going to help me quilt it in October when she visits from NY. The shawl is the thank you gift for my friend. I mailed it yesterday so she should receive it in a day or two. Then lastly, that little soccer player is my youngest son. That was his first game they played this past Saturday. Okay, true story. It has been said and proven that I am not good at math. Fortunately, my husband is a math genius. All 3 of my boys have received that gift from him as well. I lose the ability to help them with homework at about 5th grade. I do help with reading, history, projects, etc. Tonight as it was time for bed my 6th grader (Asperger's child) asked where Daddy was. Well, he had a late night working tonight. My son was visibly upset because he needed help with homework. I asked why he didn't tell me earlier. He said he knew I had trouble with things and he really needed "Daddy". I said let's just give it a look and let me try . . . what is it? His reply: a word find. My child has no faith in me! Boy did I show him. He knows who to come to now next time he has a word find! I am his new hero . . . until tomorrow! I have been getting such a kick out of all the blogs I've been reading. And then you go in comments and discover new people - it's just endless! Thanks Sarah for nudging me along!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

What Does My Yarn Say About Me?

I've been reading several blogs regarding being a yarn snob or not. It got me to thinking if I might be a yarn snob - not that there's anything wrong with that. I am currently working on a triangle shawl with yarn purchased in Victoria, B.C. I hiked it upstairs to my craft room to get the label and see what it actually is and here goes: pattern: Goldielocks Shawl, Design: Fleece Artist, Fibre: Goldielocks 56% kids, 24% silk, 20% nylon. The colors are berry tones. The other yarn I bought in Victoria is Ironstone Yarn's "Pizzazz". The content is three yarns: Felicia, Eyelash and Paris Nights. Another souvenior yarn from New York is Fiesta Yarns' La Boheme. Color is Taos. This is a 2-stranded yarn (a) 64% Brushed Kid Mohair, 28% Wool, 8% Nylon and (b) 100% Rayon Boucle. I bought 3 skeins of this beauty and screwed one of them up all by myself. I didn't read the directions before balling it up, therefore, the 2 strands are not even. Let's just not talk about it because it upsets me. The other 2 I took to my LYS and she put it on the winder thingamajig and they are perfect. I want one of those by the way. I have a few skeins I need to ball up. Regarding my knitting skills, I do okay but there is so much lingo going on here in knitting blogland that I do not understand. Y'all have shown me some fun sites I didn't know existed and when I get some of the projects started and finished I plan on buying some stuff! I'm sort of on self imposed "no yarn buying". I've only bought through yarn stores to date. And so many of y'all are designers! I'm not there at all! My last big project was a hooded sweater from Artful Yarns. I haven't been able to wear it yet but Fall is coming! My next project other than the above mentioned yarns are a vest I saw in Knitter's (not the current issue but the one before). I can't find the magazine at the moment but in the magazine it's worn with jeans, white shirt and black leather jacket. I am going to knit it up in Jaeger Trinity. It's a beige color with a hint of pink. My other project is by Artful Yarns in Serenade the short sleeve hoodie. I am doing it in a blue and green mix yarn. Oh it's so soft! I had forgotten! I'm anxious to start on that next! Well, that's my knitting in progress that I care to mention tonight. If I kept on with the other stuff . . . well, I'd sound like the rest of y'all! But what great company I'm in! I think I found some local friends to start a knitting group. I hope so, I'm rather new to my area and haven't made local friends. My knitting in various school places (mainly carpool line) started conversations and they are waiting for me to get a group going. I'm actually getting ready to teach someone to knit! Wish me luck!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Fun Size

What is fun about a fun size Snickers? I bought some today for my Granddaddy - a special treat while he is visiting with us this week. I gave him one after dinner and helped myself to one as well. I thought while eating it that it wasn't fun it was just temptation to eat the entire bag. And I can hear them calling me from the kitchen right now. I think I will hide them somewhere I can't hear them. Maybe I'll give them to Granddaddy to keep in his room. That will keep me safe! While at the grocery store today, I had 4 compliments on my shawl. It is an easy triangle shawl that I made with black eyelash and silver/gold/black ladder yarn. I fringed it with the ladder yarn which I really think adds a little oomfh to it. I think they are both Berrocco brand. Two of the ladies were interested in me selling it to them right then and there and maybe I should have, but I didn't. I make these triangle shawls for gifts quite often and only have 3 for myself. ONLY 3! I must knit more! My husband tells me I should knit several up and take them to local botiques to see if they would sell them for me. How do you go about doing that? How do you measure for time making them as well as getting your cost back on the yarn? Will people pay for that? Why are fun size Snicker's supposed to be fun? They aren't! Can you hear them calling me?

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Happy Weekend

My youngest son just played his first soccer game. He had fun and their team won which was an added bonus to them having fun. The whole team worked so hard and 6 year old boys chasing a soccer ball are so cute! I took an entire roll of film (no suprise to those who know me). My parents are leaving for a cruise tomorrow and my Mother is only taking 6 rolls of film. That would get me through the first 2 days. I don't know if I've written it in here before but on vacation this summer I took 24 rolls of film. I have the most beautiful scrapbook of that trip. My husband took his laptop and every night I would journal in it the day's events. I printed that out and have it in the back of the scrapbook. It was a good idea if I do say so myself because (1) I type fast and can put down a lot of info quickly (2) I did it every night while everything was fresh on my mind and (3) there is so much information that I would have forgotten if I would have waited to journal while I scrapbooked! Anyway, my week ended nicely! I made a date with my husband. We went to a favorite restaurant and I had a margarita/sangria swirl - yummy! Dinner was good as well! My 96 year old grandfather is coming to night to stay with me this week while my parents are on their cruise. It should be an interesting week. He is picky on his eating just like my children! Oh, I took my knitting to the soccer field and got 2 rows done on the triangle shawl. That isn't much really - I was too busy watching the game. But I did knit last night while watching a movie on TV. That's always my best time to knit, after the kitchen is cleaned and the boy's homework is complete!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Are You Ready For Some Football?

What a whirlwind of a day! I am ready to crawl into bed and re-energize for tomorrow. I only got a couple of rows knitted on MY shawl today during carpool. I ran an errand between school pickups so lost time on knitting. I took my knitting to my son's football game this afternoon but with temperatures in the high 90's I just wasn't in the mood. As it cools down maybe I'll knit and watch football. I can't take pictures at every game - that's way too much to scrapbook! Speaking of which, I am going on a scrapbook retreat in October and in November and I am HAPPY! Those are little sleep weekends but tons of progress on my scrapbooks! I don't have pictures of son's football game of tonight but I do from last week. They won tonight. The score was 24-12. Some of those boys can really hit and take hits. I'm still a cringing type of person that sucks in my breath when I hear the crashing. My husband just shakes his head and pretends like he doesn't notice me being a mom. My son has begun strict instructions on what I am allowed to say and not say and if I can acknowledge that I know him in certain circumstances. I am not allowed to call him by his nickname and yell "I love you" or "Be careful" - as if . . . . so here's a picture from last week of my first son #2. He's the #2 in the black jersey. Maybe I'll get some knitting done tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Another shawl

I finished the shawl for my quilting friend yesterday and I want to keep it. Sometimes it's hard being nice. I took a picture of it just this morning so when I get it developed and put on a cd well maybe I'll figure out how to get it on this here blog. Right after I finished knitting the shawl, it was time to jump in the car and pick up 2 of the boys from school - the oldest had football practice - so, of course, I needed something to knit while waiting in the carpool line. I picked up one of my yarns that I bought this summer in Victoria, B.C. while on vacation. That is my souvenior when I travel - yarn from their lys! There is a story behind this lys. We drove past it several times before I saw it - weird huh? Thinking husband could have actually been snickering during my not noticing phase. Well, finally on the day I spotted it, I mentioned to my sweetie that I'd like to go in to that store. I ignored all the eyes rolling from the men of my family because well - Mama wants yarn! It's my vacation too right! I was allotted 15 minutes to go into this "never before seen by my eyes" yarn store. That in and of itself could be grounds for a serious argument. But fear not knitting friends I came out with 2 beautiful purchases. I can spend money FAST! I didn't even see half the store. I think the ladies in the store might have thought I had lost my mind as I was literally running from case to case trying to see it all. There was no time to explain I had no time - but MUST purchase something! Can you run into a store and just throw your credit card down and say "Throw as much in a bag in 15 minutes as you can yarn experts of this store because the men are waiting in the car!"? I should remember that for next time! If husband reads this he might take cards away! Anyway the current shawl I am working on - FOR ME - is in berry tones and gold. It is just another triangle shawl that will be easy knitting for carpool line. Hopefully, the baby blanket gift and the ribbon shawl for the 50 bday gift will show up on this post. When I get the other stuff developed I'll post it as well. My oldest son has a game tomorrow so I should get the film all used and developed shortly! Okay, I just uploaded the pictures (first time EVER) and I was humming the theme to "Rocky" because I am so technology challenged. I did the "Rocky" theme the first time I ran a mile without stopping about 3 months ago. Maybe that will be my theme song - NOT!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Laboring Day

I spent the day cleaning and organizing my kitchen and various other areas of the house. We moved into this house in May and when I unpacked my pantry, I threw stuff in. For some reason today seemed like a good day to finally organize it. I have a confession to make . . . I think I have a cookbook buying problem. Or at least I did in the past. Now I try to save all my money for yarn and scrapbook supplies. I did spend a couple of hours working on my friend's shawl. The reason she is getting this shawl is as a thank you gift. She is a friend from New York and a couple of years ago we had this great idea to make a friendship quilt. The story goes like this - I make 6 different squares of flowers (Texas style flowers) and she makes 6 different square of flowers (New York style) we duplicate them so we are actually making 12 each but send the duplicates to each other so our quilts will match. Nice idea huh? In theory it is nice, in reality it is not because I am not a quilter. Oh I can applique squares until the cows come home - okay I don't have any cows - but putting the top together and then actually quilting it - well it just hasn't been done before. My sweet friend (amazing quilter - never uses patterns) put the top together for me and I am going to attempt to quilt it in this lifetime! I do love quilts and have several hanging on my walls and such. If I ever finish it, it will hang on a wall as well. So, she gets the shawl for putting the top together for me. I wonder what I could give her to put the whole thing together, hmmmm. My other plan is this: my mother in law will be visiting next month and she is a quilter . . . you can see where I am going with this! It's always good to have backup plans. Well the boys claim to be hungry and the crock pot has turned off meaning the pot roast is done so I should set the table and feed the animals - I mean sweet children!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

She Liked It

Well my husband and I went to a really fun bday party last night. The food was delicious - bbq and all the fixins. The chocolate birthday cake with chocolate covered strawberries was some of the best stuff I've ever tasted. My friend received tons of great gifts. When she reached into the gift bag I had wrapped her shawl in, she felt it and knew. She was so excited that I had knitted something for her. She wore it to church this morning and said many people were coming up to her and touching the shawl and admiring it. She was very happy with it so I am very happy with it. Today was our last day at our church home of almost 6 years. We relocated to another area about 30 miles away and have decided to find a church closer to our home where we can get the boys involved in local youth activities with kids they go to school with. It was sad saying bye to people that I know I won't see again just because we are all so busy with out lives, but necessary to move on. Our wonderful friends took us to lunch afterwards and we enjoyed their company immensely. I have spent the afternoon grocery shopping for the week and stocking up on freezer items for several weeks. Now it's the evening and I'm going to knit on the current shawl I'm working on. Happy Labor Day weekend. I hope to sleep in tomorrow! No rushing off to school with the boys - yippee!

Friday, September 02, 2005

My other Job

I spent the day doing volunteer stuff for 2 of my children's schools. First my youngest son - I helped his teacher administer one on one letter recognition and reading tests. I thought it would go quick. It didn't. I'll go back next week to finish up with the other mom that was there. It is so cool to watch these little children sound out words and actually see them learn! They are little sponges! And they try so hard. I had to make notes when they would get something wrong and they were so concerned with my marks. I let them know it wasn't a graded test and this would help the teacher know where best to help them in the classroom. They were all so cute and sweet. My second job was a lunch to help some new "room moms" get acclimated to the activities we will be doing to help our teachers. Some people are so giving and so talented with their ideas. I appreciate all the help they give me. I like being involved with my children's schools. I got a little knitting done in carpool line this afternoon. What a great way to get a little knit time in without interruption except, of course, when the powers that be call your child to the car and you have to drive them on home. I get more comments from people watching me knit in my car. The car is parked, I'm not driving! But once I figure that technique out - LOOK OUT! Surely it wouldn't be like talking on a cell phone while driving . . . hmmmm. People like how I utilize my time in the carpool line. The teachers often come to my car to see what I'm working on. I don't like idle hands - especially on me! I give away one of my gift shawls tomorrow. I hope she likes it!