Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Tag I'm It

What is your all time favorite yarn to knit with?

Whatever I am currently working with or whatever I cannot buy at the LYS that I really want but know I shouldn't get because I have too many projects waiting in line. Currently I am working with Catalina's yarn it is 70% Baby Alpaca, 30% silk (4 ply) I really like it and have another project in line that is very similar.

Your favorite needles?

I like bamboo needles - I seem to use them on so many things but when I pick up my addi turbos I like those too. So tie there.

The worst thing you've ever knitted?

I knitted a shawl out of recycled silk this is pretty awful. I have never worn it and just won't. I need to frog it and make something else out of it. I already frogged it once anyway but I'll do it again some day.

Your most favorite knit pattern (maybe you don't like wearing it but it was the most fun to knit.)?

Boy oh boy oh boy. I made a jacket out of Circus (teal blue) and I wear it a lot in the cold weather. It is nice to snuggle into. It was knitted on larger needles and worked up really quick.
I don't have a picture online of it but will post one soon.

Most valuable knitting technique?

I learned a new way of casting on last week that I had never seen and I love it. Casting on with both ends of the yarn so you don't have yarn wasted in the tail. I hate wasting yarn in the tail. I always feel like I might need those extra few inches.

Best knit book or magazine?

Another boy oh boy oh boy . . . I like Knitter's magazine but I've never made anything from it although I have the yarn to make a vest. I also like Knitty.com and have flagged several patterns from there. Sometimes when I have to kill time before picking up the boys, I love sitting on the floor at the book store pouring over knitting books and magazines.

Favorite knit-a-long?

I've never done one and better not right now although I watch the progress of several.

Favorite knitwear designer?

No idea. I just find patterns I like and haven't paid too much attention who designed them. I'll start paying attention.

The knitwear item that you wear the most (how about a picture of it)?

Back to that sweater by Circus. Also several pairs of socks that I wear all winter long as well. I'll post pictures another time.

What lucky knitter gets this next?

Well, I will tag Stephanie at unwindknitting.net but I think she may have done one of these not so long ago.

On to knitting news: I have gotten back to the point in my sweater where I noticed I had the wrong size needles going and had to rip the front out. Which means - I haven't started the friends poncho. I'm not teaching her how to knit. She bought the yarn and asked me to do it after she purchased the yarn. She doesn't want to knit. I'm sure it will be fine. I just would have liked it better if it was at least a yarn I like. It might work up pretty - we'll see and I'll post a picture when I've completed it. Oh, I am reading the book "Yarn Harlot" by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. I am almost finished and usually read a chapter or 2 before bed time. She is funny!

Yesterday I did take my son for a desperately needed haircut because I was hoping to take pictures today of all 3 boys for our Christmas card. He has gone and gotten poison ivy and it is all over his face. He looks a little scary (I thought it was the hair). So, I will be using a picture from our summer vacation. I guess that decision is made! I'm sure in his own little way he was helping me by not having too many choices.


Blogger amylovie said...

I really like the Circus yarn too, though I've never knit with it. I've pet it many, many times.


3:22 AM  
Blogger happyspider said...

i just finished reading the yarn harlot books and isnt she a cack! i love her, she makes me feel less insane and more insane at once. my mum read a few pages and now she's worried about my mental health :p

10:28 PM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

Wonderful answers - I love finding out more about my favorite bloggers. I did answer this recently (Oct. 28th), but thanks for tagging me.

8:46 AM  
Blogger knit only but also said...

I am going to have to investigate circus yarn - sounds wonderful. I have the yarn harlot book on order, boy you have great taste!

3:44 PM  

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