Thursday, September 15, 2005

What to Do

First of all, yesterday I might have been bragging about having it together in the morning. Yesterday I was June Cleaver - today I was Roseanne. Everything was going wrong but I did get the boys to school without being tardy - it was just rushed and hectic. I'm sure the boys were dressed and had their appropriate backpacks in tow. I will try to do tomorrow I promise! Secondly, today is my 15 year anniversary. How the time has flown! How the time has dragged! It depends on the day and the period of our lives! I wish I could have a clearer memory on that day 15 years ago. There are so many things I don't remember and I put so much effort into it as does every bride! But we are still here - so yea us! Okay, here's the serious dilemma part . . . my LYS started a customer loyalty program and guess what? I qualify! If you spend a certain amount of money there between January 1 and August 30 you qualify. Shock surprise I did it! The perk is now I get 10% off every purchase in my LYS through December 31. I am on a self imposed restriction on buying yarn right now. I think I should lift it. I just showed hubby the email and he said "do you need any yarn right now?" duh? Don't we always need more yarn? But I'm trying so hard to be practical but then there's the 10% discount. If I spend lots and lots of money well that would be a big savings! See my thinking here. I should get that yarn winder thingamajig that I really want so that I can wind up some of my stash. Maybe if it's in balls it will make the stash look smaller and then I can justify lifting the self imposed restriction. I am so mean to myself. I should just go in and shop. After all, it started today. Today is my anniversary. Maybe it's a sign that self imposed restrictions are very bad. Who has my back here?


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Blogger Stephanie said...

A ball winder and swift are an *excellent* investment. And they aren't yarn, so not subject the restriction. See where I'm going with this? I say get them and get yourself a little something yummy. And the discount's good until December. What are the chances you're not going to *need* something before December? Not good in my world.

9:35 AM  
Blogger Lolly said...

ah, the dilemma. I have the same problem--my LYS has an incentive program too, and it always tries to lure me in. I agree with Stephanie though, the ball winder and swift are a great investment.

Happy belated anniversary!

6:29 AM  

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