Sunday, September 04, 2005

She Liked It

Well my husband and I went to a really fun bday party last night. The food was delicious - bbq and all the fixins. The chocolate birthday cake with chocolate covered strawberries was some of the best stuff I've ever tasted. My friend received tons of great gifts. When she reached into the gift bag I had wrapped her shawl in, she felt it and knew. She was so excited that I had knitted something for her. She wore it to church this morning and said many people were coming up to her and touching the shawl and admiring it. She was very happy with it so I am very happy with it. Today was our last day at our church home of almost 6 years. We relocated to another area about 30 miles away and have decided to find a church closer to our home where we can get the boys involved in local youth activities with kids they go to school with. It was sad saying bye to people that I know I won't see again just because we are all so busy with out lives, but necessary to move on. Our wonderful friends took us to lunch afterwards and we enjoyed their company immensely. I have spent the afternoon grocery shopping for the week and stocking up on freezer items for several weeks. Now it's the evening and I'm going to knit on the current shawl I'm working on. Happy Labor Day weekend. I hope to sleep in tomorrow! No rushing off to school with the boys - yippee!


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