Friday, September 02, 2005

My other Job

I spent the day doing volunteer stuff for 2 of my children's schools. First my youngest son - I helped his teacher administer one on one letter recognition and reading tests. I thought it would go quick. It didn't. I'll go back next week to finish up with the other mom that was there. It is so cool to watch these little children sound out words and actually see them learn! They are little sponges! And they try so hard. I had to make notes when they would get something wrong and they were so concerned with my marks. I let them know it wasn't a graded test and this would help the teacher know where best to help them in the classroom. They were all so cute and sweet. My second job was a lunch to help some new "room moms" get acclimated to the activities we will be doing to help our teachers. Some people are so giving and so talented with their ideas. I appreciate all the help they give me. I like being involved with my children's schools. I got a little knitting done in carpool line this afternoon. What a great way to get a little knit time in without interruption except, of course, when the powers that be call your child to the car and you have to drive them on home. I get more comments from people watching me knit in my car. The car is parked, I'm not driving! But once I figure that technique out - LOOK OUT! Surely it wouldn't be like talking on a cell phone while driving . . . hmmmm. People like how I utilize my time in the carpool line. The teachers often come to my car to see what I'm working on. I don't like idle hands - especially on me! I give away one of my gift shawls tomorrow. I hope she likes it!


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