Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Middle of the Week

I got up this morning and did my mom stuff and just had it all together (very rare!). I got the boys up, clothes laid out, breakfast and lunch prepared and got myself ready 10 minutes before we needed to walk out the door. Dropped the kids off in time for them to socialize, came home and ran my 2 miles. I still don't think I'll make it every time I go out there but I do. I keep thinking "must run before knitting today". I only got carpool time in for knitting today. I was doing housework and some stuff for the 1st grade teacher. So what's the incentive for running if I can't knit? Maybe now I don't have to run Friday. right? maybe? should I? Okay the quilt that I posted tonight is the friendship quilt my friend from New York put together for me. She appliqued 6 squares as did I. My flowers are the poppy, bluebonnet, paintbrush, sunflower, daffodil and columbine. My Mother-in-law is going to help me quilt it in October when she visits from NY. The shawl is the thank you gift for my friend. I mailed it yesterday so she should receive it in a day or two. Then lastly, that little soccer player is my youngest son. That was his first game they played this past Saturday. Okay, true story. It has been said and proven that I am not good at math. Fortunately, my husband is a math genius. All 3 of my boys have received that gift from him as well. I lose the ability to help them with homework at about 5th grade. I do help with reading, history, projects, etc. Tonight as it was time for bed my 6th grader (Asperger's child) asked where Daddy was. Well, he had a late night working tonight. My son was visibly upset because he needed help with homework. I asked why he didn't tell me earlier. He said he knew I had trouble with things and he really needed "Daddy". I said let's just give it a look and let me try . . . what is it? His reply: a word find. My child has no faith in me! Boy did I show him. He knows who to come to now next time he has a word find! I am his new hero . . . until tomorrow! I have been getting such a kick out of all the blogs I've been reading. And then you go in comments and discover new people - it's just endless! Thanks Sarah for nudging me along!


Blogger Stephanie said...

You are busy lady. I love the quilt and the shawl is so pretty. Way to go on your run. I've taken up running again and it's a battle every day, but I alway feel so much better after I do it. Way to go on the word find.

8:21 AM  
Blogger amylovie said...

Your quilt is gorgeous. Happy anniversary!!


6:38 AM  

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