Tuesday, September 27, 2005

It Was Burning A Hole in My Purse

So today I go to Granbury, the town I used to live in. I had to hand over the financials from our Sunday school class. Since we have moved, we finally said goodbye to our home church and I met with the new treasurer to hand over all the papers and checkbooks etc etc. But, while I was there I must go to my old LYS - right? And it would be rude to not buy anything - right? I just try to do my part. It's the nice way to be. And, Pauline has a punch card system. Once the card is full it is worth $25.00. This had been in my wallet for months - MONTHS! It seems I needed to redeem it (not a rule just a feeling I had in my gut) and that I did. I purchased a pattern by Cabin Fever - Top Down Swing Coat. I need yarn to go with the pattern - right? I got this lovely yarn that I'd love to tell you about but in looking at it, there is no label. There was a label but I guess in the ball winding process the labels got misplaced. Hmmm. But it's pretty and it's really nice! Really nice! Anyway if you are ever in Granbury, go to Dot's Yarn Shop. It's not far off the Granbury square and there are always women in there knitting and having fun! So, since it had been months since I had been in for a visit, there had to be lots and lots of new stuff. I should really go back when I have more than 30 minutes to kill. My current sweater is going well. I finished one sleeve last night and did the casting on for the second sleeve. I worked on it a little bit this evening watching TV. I also did some of my "famous shawl" knitting during carpool line AND while waiting to attend chapel with my youngest son this morning at his school. I got lots of comments doing it in there, nothing negative, but I had 20 minutes to wait for him. That's lots of knitting time in my book! Now I have people waiting to see the end results and wanting to know when I will wear it. I'm not sure volunteering at an elementary school is where I will wear it but you never know! I may have to sit my knitting down some this week and (I really hate to say this) do some house cleaning. How can a really clean house get so messy so quickly? Is it me? Is it the boys in my house? And oldest son will be 13 this weekend and he is having a sleepover here with 5 of his closest friends. Should I even waste my time cleaning ahead of time? I probably should just wait until Sunday, pull in the husbands pressure washer and hose the house down after the party. I guess I should just keep knitting, cleaning can wait until AFTER the sleepover. Yes, that's what I'll do.


Blogger amylovie said...

I like your thinking on both counts. You DEFINITELY had to buy something at the LYS, lest they think you didn't care about them anymore. Why clean when the fruits of your labor will be ruined after the party. Knit on!


5:28 AM  
Blogger Sneaksleep said...

I totally hear you on the yarn buying--and the cleaning! :)

6:58 AM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

Yay for new yarn and definately wait until after the sleepover or you'll have to clean twice and who wants to do that?

9:20 AM  
Blogger sarah said...

Oooh, boy sleepovers. Yeah, you'll probably have to hose down aftewards. My husbands brothers always end up trashing the place when they have friends over.

7:09 AM  

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