Thursday, September 08, 2005

Are You Ready For Some Football?

What a whirlwind of a day! I am ready to crawl into bed and re-energize for tomorrow. I only got a couple of rows knitted on MY shawl today during carpool. I ran an errand between school pickups so lost time on knitting. I took my knitting to my son's football game this afternoon but with temperatures in the high 90's I just wasn't in the mood. As it cools down maybe I'll knit and watch football. I can't take pictures at every game - that's way too much to scrapbook! Speaking of which, I am going on a scrapbook retreat in October and in November and I am HAPPY! Those are little sleep weekends but tons of progress on my scrapbooks! I don't have pictures of son's football game of tonight but I do from last week. They won tonight. The score was 24-12. Some of those boys can really hit and take hits. I'm still a cringing type of person that sucks in my breath when I hear the crashing. My husband just shakes his head and pretends like he doesn't notice me being a mom. My son has begun strict instructions on what I am allowed to say and not say and if I can acknowledge that I know him in certain circumstances. I am not allowed to call him by his nickname and yell "I love you" or "Be careful" - as if . . . . so here's a picture from last week of my first son #2. He's the #2 in the black jersey. Maybe I'll get some knitting done tomorrow!


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