Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Another shawl

I finished the shawl for my quilting friend yesterday and I want to keep it. Sometimes it's hard being nice. I took a picture of it just this morning so when I get it developed and put on a cd well maybe I'll figure out how to get it on this here blog. Right after I finished knitting the shawl, it was time to jump in the car and pick up 2 of the boys from school - the oldest had football practice - so, of course, I needed something to knit while waiting in the carpool line. I picked up one of my yarns that I bought this summer in Victoria, B.C. while on vacation. That is my souvenior when I travel - yarn from their lys! There is a story behind this lys. We drove past it several times before I saw it - weird huh? Thinking husband could have actually been snickering during my not noticing phase. Well, finally on the day I spotted it, I mentioned to my sweetie that I'd like to go in to that store. I ignored all the eyes rolling from the men of my family because well - Mama wants yarn! It's my vacation too right! I was allotted 15 minutes to go into this "never before seen by my eyes" yarn store. That in and of itself could be grounds for a serious argument. But fear not knitting friends I came out with 2 beautiful purchases. I can spend money FAST! I didn't even see half the store. I think the ladies in the store might have thought I had lost my mind as I was literally running from case to case trying to see it all. There was no time to explain I had no time - but MUST purchase something! Can you run into a store and just throw your credit card down and say "Throw as much in a bag in 15 minutes as you can yarn experts of this store because the men are waiting in the car!"? I should remember that for next time! If husband reads this he might take cards away! Anyway the current shawl I am working on - FOR ME - is in berry tones and gold. It is just another triangle shawl that will be easy knitting for carpool line. Hopefully, the baby blanket gift and the ribbon shawl for the 50 bday gift will show up on this post. When I get the other stuff developed I'll post it as well. My oldest son has a game tomorrow so I should get the film all used and developed shortly! Okay, I just uploaded the pictures (first time EVER) and I was humming the theme to "Rocky" because I am so technology challenged. I did the "Rocky" theme the first time I ran a mile without stopping about 3 months ago. Maybe that will be my theme song - NOT!


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