Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Gifts Galore

Okay, I finished the baby blanket last week. I finished a triangle shawl with fringe today and have started another triangle shawl for another gift today as well. Don't get me wrong I like being generous with my knitting but I just cannot concentrate very well on my most current projects because I want to knit a short sleeve sweater waiting in the wings for myself if it ever gets cool again here in Texas. I should have this shawl completed by the beginning of next week depending on my kids demands for help with homework, carpool issues, needing meals, etc. so that I can begin MY sweater. As stated in my profile I am not digital but when I get these pics of the new items developed I have my smart computer savvy husband scan them so I can at least show that I can do some basic knitting to back up this blog I've started. My kitty is home and doing fine. We aren't doing anything different yet except a diet change and more litter boxes around the house. I think she is happy with the situation. I'm scooping more often but she's worth it! And boy did I get a talking to from her when I picked her up from the vet. I'm not exactly sure what she was saying since she was meowing so fast, but I'm sure it wasn't all nice. And she's a sweetie! She's been especially cuddly since coming home so I guess I'm forgiven. I've been watching the Hurricane devestation coverage on the news and it is so shocking, sad, and frustrating watching all that is going on. I know so many of those people have no idea what is going on and wonder if we are out here just ignoring them. I look forward to donating to the cause just so I will feel like I've done SOMETHING!


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