Monday, August 29, 2005


I started getting allergies on Friday - what a pain! I finally took some medicine yesterday and am all medicine head feeling. I do not like the feeling at all but at least I'm not sneezing constantly. My teeth started hurting yesterday and I knew it was time for the meds. The bad part is I didn't feel like knitting much this weekend and I've got to finish my friend's bday gift for Saturday! I know I will get it completed in the next day or two - if I can stop looking at everybody's blogs! I am using Lion Brand Yarn "Incredible". It's a variegated ribbon in fall colors and it is really pretty. I find the ribbon a little annoying to work with because it sometimes gets twisted. I'm not sure the recipient of this gift is a shawl type person but I tend to do these triangle shawls for all my gifts for women. So far, they have always been a hit. Last year I made them for teacher gifts and the teachers that didn't have me as a parent were disappointed. I got a little business from it as well. But I much prefer knitting for fun and not as a job. I am off to the vet in a little while to confer with the dr. about my Millie. I get to bring her home today and I am so excited. We bought some extra litter boxes to put in strategic places around the house since she will be having bladder control issues. I hope this isn't painful for her. I'm watching coverage of Hurricane Katrina. I pray for everybody in the path of this storm to be safe.


Blogger knit only but also said...

Hi there - hope the allergies are lifting. Y'know its bad when you can't even knit!!!

Thanks for the kind comments on my blog

cheers, Jules

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